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Get to the core of your unread newsletters, long email-threads and cluttered commercial communications. We receive your email, summarize it using AI and return you what you want to know. All within your inbox.

It's free

You can currently summarize up to 100 mails per month per email account.

It's secure

We do not keep any of your emails or data. Once your mail is summarized, it is deleted immediately.

It's fast

Our primary goal is to save your time, so we do everything to make it as quick as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Rizemail?

Just send or forward an email to summ@rizemail.app. You will get an automatic reply with a brief summary of the mail that you sent. It's that simple.

Currently you can summarize up to 100 mails a month per email account. The emails cannot exceed 16.000 OpenAI tokens, which comes down to about 12.000 English words(it's less for other languages). We are working on increasing these limits.

Why should I use Rizemail?
There are countless text summarization solutions out there, though Rizemail brings it straight to your mailbox.
You no longer need to leave your inbox to go to another website, log-in and copy & paste your email to get a summary. Just forward your mails to us and continue browsing your mails, you'll get a summary back in seconds.
How is this free?
We serve modest ads at the bottom of the provided summaries to keep this service free. An ad-free premium service with extra features is coming soon.
What happens to my mails?
We only use your email to summarize it, nothing else. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to receive your emails. We trim it to the core body and give it to OpenAI's GPT3.5 Turbo to summarize. After this, AWS returns you the summary and deletes any traces of it.

We do keep a count of how many summaries have been requested from your email address, by encrypting it and storing the hash (meaning, nobody can seen what your email is). This list of hashed emails is deleted every month.

Read the full privacy policy here and terms and conditions here.
What is your mission?
Time is the most valuable asset we have. The goal of Rizemail is to minimize time lost to wading through useless email content.
Why is this website so ugly?
Actually 99% of Rizemail was made by GPT-4 or other AI tools. The back-end, this website and the marketing strategy all come from GPT-4. It's the best it could do!
Who can I contact if I have a question or suggestion?
Contact us at info[at]dan-k.com

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Rizemail is designed to handle a wide range of email types, but in some edge cases it may not work. If you share such email with us through the above address, we will make sure Rizemail will be able to manage it as well.

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